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"Zoom handles all types of communications for us. Whether you're on a mobile phone or you're in a conference room, you're using Zoom and it all fits together. Zoom is how we get things done around here." Watch the Video

"The video and audio quality… work well in low-bandwidth situations, and on all types of devices-both of which are crucial in home health environments." Read More

Fortune 100 Technology Company

"Zoom is very progressive. It invests in the right areas and is responsive to our requirements and requests." Read More

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"Zoom is probably the most well-received collaboration tool that we’ve seen at Fox in 20 years. There’s not a TV production or movie produced at Fox without Zoom in the mix somewhere. There is no other tool that has brought people closer together than Zoom."
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"Zoom is light years ahead of the products that currently exist - this modality is far more interactive, engaging, and reaching the people in the way that we need to." Watch the video

"Zoom helped us transform [technology] experience. It is one of those platforms that we didn’t need to market internally to increase adoption because it works every time." Watch the video

"We look for high-tech breakthrough technologies that we can incorporate to our business to make it better. Zoom is supernatural and easy to use - just download it, click, and you are in. I use on the airplane, in the car, in Uber or Lyft, in my house, in the office - everywhere." Watch the video

"Whether you're in a small, medium, or large room, or a training or all-hands space, it's the same seamless user experience." Watch the Video

"It was very exciting to see people turn to us and say for the first time they had a meeting that was not only very successful, but they were able to start it very fast." Watch the video

"We have a video-first culture at Groupon - out of 3 million minutes of conferencing monthly, 96% is with video turned on." Watch the video

"We need to maintain a high security posture, and with Zoom, we've been able to do that. Working with our information security team, making sure that our customers can access the service from any device in any location - we can count on it to stay up, there's no downtime." Watch the video

"We are getting away from being just system admins and moving more into relationships with our teams internally. One of the tools that I personally use the most is Zoom Video Webinars. It gives a central speaker a great platform to present their information." Watch the Video

"Our people like the ease and quickness of joining, and the ease of screen sharing. The UI is much better than most products." Read More

"It is all about building connections and relationships and that’s why the technology needs to be personal - tools like Zoom make it easier to work and make our employees happier." Watch the Video

"Cloud recording had a big impact on our culture. Having global teams means we are located in multiple different time zones - if a colleague can’t join the meeting, they can watch the recording later on." Watch the Video

"Before we had Zoom, video conferencing and communications weren't that great. From an IT security standpoint, we love the fact that Zoom encrypts. Zoom provides us a secure connection."
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"Zoom was one of the easiest pieces of software we ever deployed... I couldn’t say better things about the quality and ease of use of the software." Read More

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"Zoom was a wonderful solution because it was so easy for the students and faculty to use. It's not platform dependent, there aren't the delays of making sure the audio functions properly. Zoom just works off the bat. It has transformed my program." Watch the Video

"The Zoom recording feature is used frequently by KSU staff and students, even for in-person meetings. They will just host a Zoom meeting from their laptop and record it." Watch the video

"We needed a solution that was simple-to-use, yet provided us with the enterprise-level quality and features." Read More

"Zoom does it all, and our webinars are now easy and simple for everyone to create and consume. Zoom is one of those must-have innovative tools that marketers should have in their tech stack if they want to run a successful world class webinar program." Read More

"The IT department found that little training was required when they rolled out Zoom to their end users." Read More

"It's been about 99.5% hands off. People pretty much get their invitation, set it up themselves and they're off and running." Read More

"It's so easy to connect over Zoom and talk to somebody. Last year we did a collaboration survey of all our collaboration tools and Zoom Video Conferencing ranked #1 and Zoom Rooms ranked #2." Watch the video

"I can deploy digital signage in places like lobby or conference room - depending on what content is most appropriate for a given space. That to me is very corporate conscious." Watch the video

"Our deadlines are super tight and getting tighter all the time, and Zoom allows us to be very clear with each other, very quickly." Watch the video

"Before rolling Zoom in 2013, it sometimes took ECHO from 6 to 18 months from the time of signing up a new partner to having the legacy system purchased, installed, people trained, and everything operational. With Zoom, ECHO now takes less than 18 seconds to provision an account for a new ECHO partner and about a month to become operational." Read More

"As the team grew, we needed a video conferencing tool that could grow with us. That's when we made the switch to Zoom."Read More

"Unlike our previous systems, Zoom connects easily across room systems, desktops and mobile devices to seamlessly bring together our various campus sites and long-distance participants." Read More

"Zoom was an easy choice because we wanted a cloud-based platform that was easy for customers to install and start." Read More

"Zoom helps build engagement between parties. I can’t imagine having such dynamic meetings just over the phone." Read More

"We've seen a 345% increase in meeting minutes since May, just this year alone, so we're seeing the ROI." Watch the Video

"With Zoom and Kubi, we're putting students in control of their own learning." Read More

"With Zoom, we were able to have teachers around the world interact in real time with our classroom."
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"Other applications don't allow for multiple members to join in a HIPAA-compliant setting, but Zoom does. Doctor, patient, and family members can be in the conversation." Read More

"Other applications don't allow for multiple members to join in a HIPAA-compliant setting, but Zoom does. Doctor, patient, and family members can be in the conversation." Read More

"The fact that Zoom is encrypted adds to its appeal for meetings in which attorney-client confidentiality is essential." Read More

“Zoom has changed how our business operates, and I would recommend it to any business looking for an all-inclusive video conferencing service.” Read More

"We increased productivity by 20-39% with Zoom when compared to previous communication solutions." Read More

"Zoom is the meat and potatoes of the operation. Even in the most troublesome locations, Zoom works really well, and doesn’t create latency or echo problems inside the portals." Read More

"Before Zoom, we had multiple products that we cobbled together, and it was very confusing which ones to use and when. We simplified all of that with Zoom." Watch the Video

"We believe video provides access to state parks. ... We just couldn't do what we do without partnerships like Zoom." Read More

"We're able to work as a team better with Zoom. Not only that, the travel wear and tear on our bodies and the amount of time we're out of the office, away from home ... those are all things that we're solving with Zoom." Read More

"When evaluating technology, we’re not looking for just the best price or lowest price. It’s about quality. And that’s really why Zoom is our dedicated telecommunications solution." Read More

"When I first came in, 100% of our employees were office-based, but Zoom enabled an option for us to work remotely. This is a win-win for both an employee and a business." Read More

"There's not a lot of training required to teach people how to use it. If you've used a smartphone, you'll know how to use Zoom Phone." Read More

"One of the main reasons we chose Zoom was because we wanted to simplify our stack and reduce the amount of on-premises management we were doing." Read More

"We wanted to standardize and have a common platform that was easy to implement. Zoom Rooms has been our winner, the gold medal." Watch the Video

"We were using Webex, and it was really a struggle. It wasn’t user-friendly, and employees struggled using it in their day-to-day." Read More

"Very rarely do I get thank-you notes for being in IT. But I have more people telling me how much they like Zoom more than any other product that I’ve rolled out." Read More

"Zoom really is a powerful system, and I think that we, as an organization, are just starting to understand the actual power and capability of the product." Read More

"I can’t tell you how much better our experience is in the conference rooms. Just being able to walk into a room and start a meeting with one click on an iPad is amazing." Read More

"We decided to set it up ourselves, and it was actually very easy. I’m not an IT expert, but I was able to install and set up all the components myself." Read More

"Having clear, concise forms of communication beyond just email is really important to us. People felt disconnected, and Zoom fit perfectly." Watch the Video

"We use Zoom in all departments - for webinars, all hands, internal meetings, and customer meetings. It’s incredible to have all those features in a single product." Watch the Video

"Our financial office uses Zoom, our registrar’s office uses Zoom, our reception areas use Zoom ... everyone really seems to love the application." Read More

"We are constantly running Zoom. Zoom really is the ecosystem we utilize for communication." Read More

"When we finally connected with Zoom, the notion of what video conferencing could be was transformed in the firm." Read More

"With Zoom, you can have cross-functional meetings spanning continents, and that's how the real exchange of ideas happens." Watch the Video

"Zoom has really helped create that seamless customer experience. Zoom allows us to create a journey with our customers throughout the experience. " Read More

"We tried three other solutions as part of our proof of concept, but in the end we went with Zoom because it was so easy to implement." Read More

"The benefit of Zoom is it’s really allowed us to maximize our existing investments. We’re finding people are meeting a lot more but for a lot shorter periods of time, because it just works." Watch the Video

"Zoom provides us with a flexible set of tools to allow our organization to continue teaching, learning, researching and working together no matter where they are." Read More

"We've made progress in raising awareness of the work style reform at DENSO. The introduction of Zoom has contributed greatly to our ability to create a work environment with fewer time and place restrictions and faster decision-making." Read More

"What makes [Zoom Video Webinars] so special is the wealth of technical features for event organizers, but also its user-friendliness from the host, panelist, and attendee perspectives." Read More

"We aim for simplicity, resilience, and innovation, and with Zoom and Neat, we get all three." Read More

"Now that we use video, we are more accessible and can serve more people, more efficiently." Read More

"Before COVID, we had a handful of telehealth visits a week. With Zoom, that became thousands of visits." Read More

"Now, [teachers] can just pick up their Neat Pad and start class with one click." Read More

"We tested Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, and a few others [using a limited internet connection], but Zoom had the best performance by far." Read More

"With Zoom, I have always felt a connection to my students. The interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t digital natives." Read More

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"When we made the transition to working from home, it was almost seamless... Zoom can scale to support all our users working remotely." Watch the Video

"Everything we do with Zoom is awesome. Their software is intuitive and working with their team is amazing. The options and power behind the system has met our every need." Read More

"With Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Chat already in place, we had everything we needed to transition to a fully remote company." Read More

"Zoom has accelerated our ability to meet the challenge of working in the ‘new normal.’ We were able to increase productivity while maintaining a positive employee sentiment." Read More

"We’ve closed on hundreds of units with clients who have not actually seen the physical unit, and all those clients made a decision to sign on the dotted line via Zoom." Read More

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"Zoom has become an invisible partner that allows us to accomplish our mission of empowering students and learners to their highest potential.” Watch the vide" Watch the Video

"Zoom made going to work from home simple, and it was easy to pick up where we left off in the office.” Read mor" Read More

"The cloud-to-cloud delivery of content being captured by Zoom, the real-time streaming to Akamai for regional sports networks and other partners to consume the pressers’s all unprecedented.” Read mor" Read More

"When it comes to anything where we need professional-quality audio and video, we use Zoom. The stability of service, the actual product — it is fantastic.” Read mor" Read More

"When I saw the product, I thought it was ‘Apple-like’ — I didn’t need an owner’s manual to use it...I just figured it out because it’s really intuitive.” Read mor" Read More

"We were hit with this pandemic after we deployed Zoom, and we successfully transitioned 500 people to working at home over the weekend.” Read mor" Read More

"Even before the epidemic of Covid-19, TDU has been promoting BYOD First. The epidemic has accelerated our initial plan by several years. Still, we want to achieve a situation where the use of Zoom on campus is a matter of course, and we also want to promote the use of other cloud services in a comprehensive manner." Read More

“By concluding a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Zoom and its utilization, we are expanding opportunities to collect information on the COVID-19 disaster. We are also accelerating our efforts for the post-corona period.” Read More

“Implementing Zoom has transformed the way we do things and changed the mindset of all our teams. The user satisfaction with Zoom is extremely high and it has shown us that we can sustain our business without being in the office." Read More

“In anticipation of the 2020 Olympics, we have been developing our communication infrastructure, including the introduction of Zoom, since two years ago. As a result, we were able to build an environment that worked safely and smoothly on local terminals, and because it was in the cloud, it automatically scaled out. The telecommuting usage rate for the entire group is now over 80%.” Read More

"Thanks to the close collaboration and teamwork between Nihon University and Zoom's Customer Success Manager (CSM) team, we were able to speed up the process and start using Zoom accounts across the university. We have also succeeded in bringing large-scale events online. We are exploring ways to maintain and improve the effectiveness and quality of education unique to online while sharing knowledge with other faculty members." Read More

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"Somebody at IMD mentioned that when the wind starts to blow, some people go into bunkers and other people build windmills. Zoom is our windmill. We built Zoom Rooms and we went to work." Watch the Video

"Zoom Rooms has reduced the burden on the student, the teacher, and the administration. There are no connection errors, so there is no need to start a different class. It has become straightforward to set up the course at the beginning of the class and run the class without setting up the program listings each time." Read More

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